Do you have unique and sophisticated financial needs? Are you at that point where you need a more fixed approach to financial planning and greater levels of service? If so then our Ideal Trust Online is there for you, offering you an array of financial services solutions to your unique financial needs.

Endowed with a team of dedicated Relationship Managers, expertise, service excellence and relationship management are the hallmarks of Advanced Private Banking.

In partnership with you, Vistria Asset Management design and implement highly personalized financial solutions that are befitting to your unique family situation, lifestyle and personal goals and wishes.

The Private Banking Solutions

Wealth Creation – Increase the total amount of your wealth by generating income and creating additional assets through Treasury Services, Unit Trusts, Stock Trading, Private Equity and Portfolio Management
Wealth Maintenance – Provide you with alternatives to conduct regular payments and carry out your day to day transactions through Bank Accounts, Electronic Banking facilities, Personal Lending facilities and Safe.
Wealth Preservation – Ensure that the value of your fixed and liquid assets are protected now and for generations to come through;

  • Trusts, wealth Protection and transfer
  • Taxation & accounting services
  • Optimizing Philanthropic Aspirations
  • Estate Settlement and Administration
  • Assurance products
    Lifestyle & Privileges – A selection of exclusive benefits specially arranged for your enjoyment and in recognition of your stat